Is It Time to Upgrade Your Website?

We have a couple of clients ask us to update their websites by fixing broken code or updating valuable information on their website. Sometimes, there are too many updates that, it is better to upgrade their website to satisfy all their needs. So how do you know if it is time to update? Below we list some important things to consider:

It does not accurately reflect your business

If you need to change more than three things, then it is better to get your website redesigned. Here are common things that may require you a site upgrade:

  • you moved to a new location
  • you have new services
  • you have new social media profiles
  • you need to update your portfolio
  • you have more testimonials that you need to add.

“Even though you are busy, even though client’s need you, even though you have got many deadlines, you cannot see straight. My new website is a far better representation of my business; I should have done it sooner.” – Christopher Butler,

It does not work well on mobile.

Google will penalize you if your website is not mobile-friendly. This is a fact. Your site will not even show up in the search engine results page (SERPs) if your site is not mobile-friendly. Hitwise reported that.

Your search engine rankings are low, or it could do better.

Are you not getting enough leads as how you used to? Google updates their search engine to keep spammers away. One thing they prioritize are websites that are often updated.

Your visitors are not sticking around or converting.

Here are a few things that might be the reason why they have been exiting out of your website.

It looks outdated.

If your design is far behind your competitors, then it is time for a change. Your website is the first impression of you by potential clients, and more people trust websites that are updated.

It is slow.

Having a slow website makes it hard to update. In a recent study, 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. In another recent study, 40% of people abandon a website if it takes longer 3 seconds to load. Oftentimes, your site is requiring to be robust; you might have to update your website hosting if this is so. Updating your website hosting gives your site more speed, and can handle more people coming to your site. The sooner you upgrade, the cheaper it is.

It is hard to navigate

The primary purpose people visit your site is to find more information about a topic. This means that people are interested in the content. If people cannot locate what they are looking for, they will likely abandon your website and go to another website that is easier to navigate and a lot faster than yours.

It does not represent your brand

Change is part of a business’ growth. Sometimes our brands change. This means that sometimes we get a new logo, change your website’s colors, or just update altogether. If this happens, then you might as well have a new website for you altogether.

Here are example website that have been upgraded:

Source: Web Solutions


If people see your website and it is outdated, they might not want to look at it because they know that the information might be outdated as well. Upgrading websites are not exactly cheap, but websites advertise for you 24/7. If you have many changes that you need to make on your site, it would be best if you upgraded your site instead. Many upgrades will cost more than what you expect.

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