How to Spot Comment Spam

How to Spot Comment Spam

If you have a popular website, you will start to notice that you will get spam every once in an awhile. The most common form of spam are comments from a website because they are the easiest form of information submission. To rank higher in Google, a long time ago, linking to many websites was a major ranking factor. Now Google does not consider this a major ranking factor, but there are still bots out there that try to link to websites using the software. So how do you know if a comment is spam? Below we show you how.

People posting with no names

People posting with “viagra”, “earn more money” or other words that surely does not sound like a name is obviously spam. A person who is weary about giving their information out will probably just leave their first name, instead of random words.

Same IP address

If you see multiple comments from the same IP address, it is most likely spam. What is happening is that one computer is sending out all those spam comments to different websites trying to link to them. This form of SEO is called blackhat SEO.

Nonsense email addresses

There are emails that have plenty of words jumbled up. is an example. In the case you see below, we consider this as comment spam.

spot comment spam image


Our world has come very diverse. Having misspellings is not always the case of comment spam, but it is still considered. There are some words that are most commonly misspelled by people. If you see words that are uncommonly misspelled, then that would be a sure clue that it is spam. Considering the amount of misspelled words should be taken into account also.

Nonsense comments

More often than not, there are comments that are unrelated to what the article or blog post is about. If this is the case, the chances of the comment being spam are high.


[fusion_content_boxes layout=”icon-with-title” columns=”1″ title_size=”” title_color=”” body_color=”” backgroundcolor=”” iconcolor=”#ffeb3b” icon_circle=”” icon_circle_radius=”” circlecolor=”” circlebordersize=”” circlebordercolor=”#ffeb3b” outercirclebordersize=”” outercirclebordercolor=”” icon_size=”” icon_hover_type=”” hover_accent_color=”#ffee5b” link_type=”” link_area=”” link_target=”” icon_align=”left” animation_type=”” animation_delay=”” animation_offset=”” animation_direction=”left” animation_speed=”0.3″ margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=””][fusion_content_box title=”Evaluate” backgroundcolor=”” icon=”fa-lightbulb-o” iconflip=”” iconrotate=”” iconspin=”no” iconcolor=”#ffeb3b” circlecolor=”” circlebordersize=”” circlebordercolor=”#ffeb3b” outercirclebordersize=”” outercirclebordercolor=”” image=”” image_width=”12″ image_height=”12″ link=”” linktext=”Read More” link_target=”” animation_type=”” animation_direction=”left” animation_speed=”0.7″ animation_offset=””]Read the comment and see if the comment is generalized – meaning if it can be posted to any article as mass production. Users write a generalized comment and submit it to thousands of websites hoping those website owners will not catch them.



All of the remedies to spot comment spam we are about to mention is free. The first two are not SEO-friendly, although they do help in getting rid of comment spam once and for all.

Install Akismet

akismet spot comment spam

With 4.8 stars as of writing this article, Akismet is a freemium plugin that takes care of comment spam. There is an option to automatically delete or blacklist spam. This plugin is perfect for those who do not want to see or deal with the types of comments as some of them are disturbing to read.


Install a social media commenting system plugin

spot comment spam wordpress social comments plugin

This can be in the form of Facebook or Google plus commenting system. Only people with a Google or Facebook account will be able to comment.

The only downside to this is that it does not help with SEO.

Here is an all-in-one plugin that lets your users decide what social media profile they’d like to comment with.

Here are three Facebook commenting plugins: Facebook Comments WordPress, Facebook Comments by Vivacity, and Lazy Facebook Comments.

Install Disqus

Disqus does not help with SEO either. Disqus is a software that is embedded in the comments section using a plugin. Because this is embeddable, any comments being submitted will only be sent to Disqus. Human eyes can see the comment, but Google’s robots don’t. Google’s robots will only see embeddable text. Another downfall of this system is the need to register before submitting a comment. The registration process requires the user to check his or her email address which may take a few minutes. Unless the user submitting a comment already has a Disqus account, it would annoy and demotivate other users from commenting.

spot comment spam disqus

Install Google ReCaptcha

Brought to you by Google, this captcha software is free if you have a Google account. This captcha will require users to select pictures based on what the captcha generates. If it thinks that you are a bot, it might ask you multiple times. Google ReCaptcha also has a plugin available in the plugin depository.

recaptcha spot comment spam

There are also remedies on that talks about combating comment spam. 

To recap

Comment spam is annoying at takes time from us since we’re required to clean and optimize our website. Websites are not ‘set and forget’ beings. If you have too many comment spam, you could consider enrolling in our WordPress website care plan. We’ll take care of comment spam for you as maintenance and any other updates that are needed. You can keep a peace of mind knowing that your website will not be get penalized from Google due to comment spam. Websites that are not kept clean and optimized have a higher chance of catching spam and getting a hit from google, which then deindexes the website from the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Did you find this article helpful? Have you used any of the plugins mentioned above? Or do you have another remedy you can share? Do you have experience getting banned from Google because of comment spam?

14 replies
  1. robin rue
    robin rue says:

    I have askimet, which catches a lot of my spam. They are pretty easy to spot, though, so if some make it through the cracks I can delete and block immediately.

  2. Ave
    Ave says:

    These are really useful tips. We have been getting a lot of spammy comments lately and it’s a lot of work to check them out one by one. Will keep these tips in mind!

  3. Blair villanueva
    Blair villanueva says:

    I literally dont like spam comments. That’s why I activated the filter comments. That way, I could easily see the spams.

  4. chen
    chen says:

    Thanks for sharing such useful info. Had a really hard time spotting spam comment before. I’m definitely gonna use some of the tips you mentioned 🙂

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc
    Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    I have Disqus and it works pretty well for me. I will, however, check Akismet too. It looks like a great plug in too. Thanks for the ton of information you shared.

  6. Carol Cassara
    Carol Cassara says:

    Spam can be a total headache and it’s important to spot those comments because sometimes the comments contain malicious links that could lead to a virus. I think this is a great guide for that as well.

  7. wendy
    wendy says:

    I have Askimet as well, and it catches tons of spam comments going into the blog. I didn’t realize how much spam hits blogs until I started doing this about a year ago. These are all great points to look out for!


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