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Web maintenance is key to online success.

One logs onto their website, and it suddenly dawns on them that they’re a victim of hacking.

How much business are they losing? What is their next move? What would be the cost to get things fixed?

The sum of one’s dreams and hard work are contained on their website. Say the website is hacked and everything is wiped, that means starting from scratch. Every website can be hacked so it’s crucial to keep a backup in case things go south. Moreover, website trends and technologies are constantly evolving to meet demands for increased functionality.

Any website can only meet these demands through web maintenance. business owners should take up the responsibility of ensuring the maintenance of their WordPress websites. Well, this doesn’t mean they should roll up their sleeves and do it themselves.

There must be sort of web maintenance plan to maintain the operational integrity of a website. Overlooking web maintenance can turn out to to be disastrous. A successful website requires ongoing maintenance so it can attract new clients, uphold security and ultimately generate profit for the business. The following Client Confidence plans are designed to meet all WordPress site maintenance and support needs.








  • WP Core & Plugin Updates, Daily Off-Site Backups, Front-End Security Scans, Server-side security scans, and batch WooCommerce Updates


  • Unlimited Support tasks (30 mins each)


  • Everything in the Basic plan plus malware cleanup, unlimited support tasks, and batch Woocommerce Updates

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