How to Find Keywords Using Rank Tracker

There are multiple ways to find keywords but this is the best way on how to brainstorm and get unique ones. As of now, it’s best to use long tail keywords because they are easier to target. All the one-two keywords have been targetting by big authorative websites.

Time: One hour or days.

Here is what we will be doing:


I. Manual Way

You can check your keywords manually but it might be a bit tedious. Below are some suggestion on how you can do it.


IA. Thesaurus

If your target audience is intelligent, using the thesaurus is actually a good idea. You can go to the Thesaurus and try to find keywords there. Remember that not everyone know what something is called, so it’s best to stick to basic keywords.

IB. Semrush

go to Semrush and put your URL. You will then see a list of keywords that show up in your webpage. You can also put your competition’s website and see what keywords the rank for. Using Semrush is absolutely free.

IC. Google Autocomplete

Go to google and type in a keyword. You will then see a list of suggestions google gives you.

I personally don’t like google trends (but don’t let that stop you). The reason why I’m not a big is because it’s hard to track long keywords.

II. Using SEO Powersuite

Using this tool saves you so much time and headache. Get ready to do all of the above in less than an hour.

Tools you need:

Find Keywords

Option 1: From Website Auditor

This option will tell you which keywords you are already ranking for.

  1. Open your website and have Website Auditor check it.
  2. Once it’s done, go to the left and press Site Audit then, Content Analysis.

Alt text

Once you do this, more buttons will appear.

  1. Click on Keywords.

You’ll then find all the keywords you rank for and more.

Option 2: Use Rank Tracker
  1. Go to the left corner and press Content Analysis.

Content Analysis

Keyword Research


Finally, click on Research Keywords on the top left corner.

Alt text


This part is one of the most time consuming parts of getting keywords. When you are checking each of your competition, you might notice that you will get blocked by Google if you have too many queries. This is because you are accessing their database (and while they know that a lot of SEO companies do this) they want to make sure that they are not being hacked being having you answer a Captcha.


That is why people invest in proxies or other things that will make google think that a different computer is accessing their database. This can only last for so long. Once Google notices that you are sending too many queries again, your proxies are going to get banned, making you buy more proxies.


One way around this is by human emulation. This will be a setting found in the preference tab on the toolbar. There will be a check box next human emulation. What will happen is that every time you had a query, rank tracker will go to Google first and type in the query over there making it seem more human. You can then add minutes to to tell rank tracker how long they’re supposed to spend on each website. It is a little bit tedious, but if you are new or only manage one website (or rather a few) then you will be fine. You could go grab a beer and come back later.


After finding general keywords, now it’s time to check your Competition.

This part may seem a little longer because you are asking rank tracker to check a specific page you are trying to rank for against other people’s specific pages also.

I would suggest only doing one at a time, so that you can focus on what types of keywords you are serious trying to rank for. You don’t want to get banned by Google again by trying to check a whole bunch of websites because you’re asking rank tracker to get more details upon certain websites. This is even more dangerous in Google’s eyes.


  1. Go back to your Target Keywords Pane and highlight your desired Keyword.

Alt text

  1. Click on Keyword Difficulty at the bottom of the page.

Alt text

  1. Select which search engine you want to use on the left hand side then click on update

Alt text

It will then show you the ff:

  • the top 10 sites ranking for that keyword
    • optimization rate of the page that is showing up


  • the social signals
  • Alexa Rank
  • Domain age
  • outgoing and ingoing links
  • The kei which shows you how difficult it is to rank for that keyword.

It might take a while but you’ll have a whole set of keywords you really want to rank in no time. Once you’re satisfied with what you have, Rank for it!

Sooner or later you’ll rank for that keyword. It will not take a day, nor will it take a week. It might take one month. What once you rank for that keyword it all feels so good that you’d want to rank for another one. Once you rank for that keyword, that is when you’ll start seeing the traffic flowing with a little effort.

So here’s a recap of what you just did:

  1. You find keywords you were already ranking for using Website Auditor.
  2. You researched more keywords on Rank tracker based on their suggest tool.
  3. Once you had a set of keywords that you liked, you asked Rank tracker how difficult it is to rank for that keyword based on how your site is optimized.

A word of advice:

  • use long tail when you’re trying to find keywords using Rank Tracker
  • The more keywords you rank for, the easier the other keywords will be because you will start to gain traction
  • Even if there is no numeric KEI, if a keyword has the color green, go target it.
  • Don’t pay attention to PPC just yet. It will cloud your judgement on which keywords you really NEED to target in order to rank up.

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    • mail4rosey
      mail4rosey says:

      Agreed. I usually try to be SEO aware. I recently was in a hurry and popped out 3 fast posts with zero thoughts to key words. Those 3 posts have notably lower page visits.

  1. Inspiring Kitchen
    Inspiring Kitchen says:

    I learned so much from this post. I knew that keywords are important, but I didn’t realize I need to do all these.

  2. Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu
    Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu says:

    Thanks for the awesome and easy to understand tutorial! Special thanks for including print screens.
    Can’t wait to try all this out.

  3. tp keane
    tp keane says:

    ha ha ha, love the tools necessary… a beer or two. This is such a great thing, really needed. thanks for sharing.

  4. Mai C.
    Mai C. says:

    Keywords are definitely important especially if you want traffic on your site. I had no idea there was a tool for this! It’s really helpful especially for people who are in the process of building a name for their websites.

  5. Lexie Lane
    Lexie Lane says:

    Wow, this is very helpful and very easy to understand! I love bringing traffic to my website and thanks to keywords!

  6. Bernadette
    Bernadette says:

    Kinda like this! There are so many things to keep up with so many things, if that makes any sense lol. Bloggers have so much to use and make sure they use, including keywords, and having something to assist with that could potentially save alot of time.

  7. Karla Ramos
    Karla Ramos says:

    Honestly, Google works like a charm if you know how to use the next few clicks if necessary. Regardless, I find this post very informative and helpful for any keyword inquisitors!

  8. Laura Starner
    Laura Starner says:

    This is a great tool for increasing my SEO ranking using keywords. Thanks for adding the screenshots,

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    Lots of great information here. You made it so easy to understand too. I love when there are photos because it really helps to understand.

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    Pamela says:

    Amazing. Thank your the time you took to record this all for us. I certainly don’t know much about keywords, but you’ve made it easy for me to learn.

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    Nice post, you got great information in this post. I’m going to try this and thanks for the tips! Keep it up!

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    What an excellent tool! SEO keywords are becoming more and more important all the time, it’s important for all businesses to understand and utilize them properly. This certainly helps!

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    Dawn Gibson-Thigpen says:

    wow. i sure could use this. thanks for sharing. i always have an issue with picking the right keywords


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