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Figuring out what services or tools that will help with our online marketing takes so much time. We would rather be working on our business instead. Here is a curated list of helpful resources any small business owner or entrepreneur needs. These lists range from WordPress tools, unique services, to free digital assets. The resources listed below are hand picked.

Last Update: June 18, 2018

Again, all items are free, unless otherwise stated.

free resources for small business

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Image Resources

  • GIF Soup – Convert Youtube videos to GIFs! Do you ever want to cite a youtube video in your content? Use this website to help your audience see what you’re talking about without having them click on the play button on the youtube video.
  • Canva’s Color Palette Generator – Do you have a color palette you adore that is based on a picture? Save time by uploading your image onto Canva’s palette generator. You can use the colors to create your social media graphics or graphics you can post on your website.
  • ThemeForest – this is owned by Envato. Themeforest gives away goodies every month. The goodies they give away can range from WordPress Sites, audio, image mockups, and other software. Click on that link and go to the bottom of the page to see what they have this month.
  • Unsplash – FREE Curated Images Collections by Photographers. They all have a do-what-you-want license. This is a great resource if you want unique pictures for your websites.
  • Google Search – Free images around the web. Just make sure that you are filtering the image by license.
  • Fotor – Large collection of royalty-free stock images around the web. Free for commercial use.`
  • Gratisography – Free images from a photographer with a unique point of view.`
  • Adobe Spark – create beautiful photos using free stock photos and typography provided by Adobe. It is free! Plus, they have mobile applications if you need to create some of your media on the go.
  • Pexels – Most people know this website already because not only does it provide free images of its own, but it also aggregates them from other websites.
  • Random Color Palettes – Trying to create a picture but don’t know what colors to use? Random Color Palettes will help you choose five complimentary colors. All you need to do is hit the spacebar, and it will generate a set for you.
  • Pixteller – Another site that will let you create free posters, google+ images and more. The website showcases people’s creations on the homepage.
  • Freepik – an extensive collection of vectors, PSD, icons, and photos. They update their site every day. The free plan asks you to attribute to freepik. The paid version doesn’t ask you to attribute. The paid plan starts at $9.99 a month.
  • 1001 Free Downloads – Very similar to freepik.
  • All the Free Stock – A collection of all sites that have free resources- all in one website.
  • Sellfy Free Designs – Free fonts, mockups, backgrounds, icons, and patterns.
  • Flat Icon – free icons and vectors (with attribution). This site is owned by Freepik also.
  • Online Charts – Free tool that lets you create charts online. It’s a great resource for small businesses because you don’t need to know Excel to generate charts and graphics. Just plug in the numbers and tweak it to your needs.
  • Behance’s Free Mockups – free mockups that are in PSD format.
  • Place It – Free Mockup Generators. Most items on here are paid, although adding your own images to mock-ups are as simple as uploading them.

Video Resources

  • Videezy – Free videos you can put on the slider of your homepage.`
  • Coverr – You can also get free videos, although the videos they have here are more professional compared to the ones listed here.
  • Life of Vids – free videos, but more focused on video submissions.

Software / Applications

  • Official WordPress Desktop App – Download this application on to your computer. Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems available. You must have a account.
  • MailChimp – free email marketing software. Paid plans available if you have contacts larger than 2,000.
  • Push Crew – free software that asks visitors if they want to receive notifications from your browser every time you have an update on your site. Paid plans start at 2k subscribers for $25 a month.

Website Tools

  • Google Analytics Checker – Great website that tells you if you’re missing your Google Analytics or Adwords tracking code.
  • Remove Content from Google – this is the page you need to go to request anything you want to be removed from google search results.
  • DMCA Protection Services – Are you worried that someone might steal content on your site? Fear no more. The DMCA can help you take those sites down for free.
  • Private Policy Generator – Awesome private policy generator for your site. All you need to do is plug in your information! It’s free.
  • Favicon and App Generator – this is one of the best image generators I can find. Upload your logo, and it will generate ALL the basic dimensions you need on your site. These include the favicon size, logo size, logo size with Retina display, iPad size, and you guessed it.
  • Seed Keywords Engine – Search Engine that will help you find seed keywords by asking your friends. You send them a keyword, and you ask them what kind of keywords they would search.
  • Google Analytics – This tool keeps getting better and better. It is now easier to use because of Google’s updates. Their mobile applications are easier to use too!
  • Similar Web – Find more info about your website and your competitor’s website.
  • What WordPress Theme is That? – Figure out the theme of a site by plugging in their URL on this page.
  • Built With – This a more modern tool to determine what websites are built with. They show specific examples such as Tech Crunch, Google Analytics, etc. for you to check.
  • WhatRuns – Discover what runs a website.

Social Media Tools

  • Start a Fire – You can add a small CTA to posts that you share. The CTA will show right on top of the page you shared when the URL is clicked. Warning: this might not work for all links that you plan to share.
  • Buzz Stream Discovery – Find influencers you can reach out to for your online marketing purposes.
  • Buzz Stream Email Research Tool – Enter information about a user you want to search and buzz stream will render Google searches on them.
  • Follower Wonk – Find everything you need to know about your Twitter audiences such as interests, their influence score, their followers, and their likes. These are things you cannot find using google analytics.
  • Super Meditor – Want to contribute to some publications on Super Meditor is the right website to go to. You can request to be a contributor for up to 3 publications per week.
  • Twit Shot – Grab images of the links you provide and insert them on your tweets.
  • Share Tally – Tally up all your likes, retweets, shares, and more.
  • Rite Tag – This tool will help you find relevant hashtags to your social media posts. Has a trial period, although it is a paid service.
  • Hootsuite – Premium social media tool for content curation and social listening. Free and paid versions are available.
  • Bufferapp – Similar to Hootsuite, except that it focuses more on content rather than social listening.
  • Amazon Giveaway – Run a giveaway to gain more traffic and leads! This Amazon tool makes it convenient to run campaigns.
  • Plan That – powerful Instagram scheduling application.
  • Know ‘Em – check to see if the username you want to use is already taken in more than 500 websites. This includes popular social media sites.
  • Adparlor’s Ad Mockup Generator – Want to know what your ad looks like? Try this free tool.

Content Marketing

  • Measure Text Readability – a free tool that lets you analyze some text. You can either paste content or put in an URL where the content exists. Great tool if you find an article that you want to analyze online.`
  • Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator – Can’t find topics to write about on your website? This is a great tool that will help you find topics to write about. It’s not perfect, but the headlines they come up with sound superb.
  • Hemingway App – Outstanding readability tool. It is said that text readability should be set for 8th graders. This app will rank your content, analyze power words you use, and suggests a new text that will help it be within business writing standards. This tool also features text formatting and bright highlights.
  • Grammarly – Best proofreader and editor. There are multiple settings you can choose from: article type, text enhancer, plagiarism, and syntax checker. Install the extension on your web browser, and it will proofread everything you type on the internet. Here is a Grammarly Review. 
  • Write or Die – an Entertaining way of meeting your writing goals. Keep typing until you reach your time limit. Stop writing and watch all your words disappear. Perfect for writing motivation!
  • Typeform – Beautiful Forms. Free and paid versions. It’s modern and colorful.
  • Answer the Public – This is a valuable tool that nobody knows about. It makes use of the Who, What, When, Where and How to create article topics you would have never thought of.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Wiki Grabber – Everybody in the SEO world knows that getting a link from Wikipedia will help soar their website to number one on the Google search engine results page. This site will find all the broken links (or pages that need citation) by keyword phrases you type.
  • SEO Quake – a chrome extension that lets you see important SEO metrics of your website.


  • Speechpad – affordable speech to text and video transcriptions services.
  • iWriter – Order customized, originally written articles! You won’t have to pay unless you’re completely satisfied with the work given to you. Fair pricing. I used to get most of the articles for my blogs here. I would get my orders usually after 5 hours! You can also become a writer here. Pass the test and choose articles to write on their database.
  • HireWriters – Similar to iWriter. The last time I checked, the test was easy to pass compared to iWriter. I have not tried their services yet.
  • Fiverr – is a “Marketplace for Creative and Professional” services. Some services are a gem, while the others, not so much. Be wary of Social Media and SEO services, as most of them are black hat. Services such as video production, graphic designing, and audio production are things I come here for.

General Business Tools

  • Get Human – Small businesses are often tight in budgeting, which means that the services that are used might not have a phone number to call for help. This website will find the phone numbers of companies that like to hide their numbers. For a fee, this company can get the contact information for you.
  • Spotify’s Business Name Generator – A lot of people have asked us for help on choosing their business name. This tool is a great generator that helped us find ours.
  • Hubspot’s make my Persona – Just fill out this form and it will help generate some personas for you.
  • Capterra – find business applications with real user reviews.
  • GetApp – similar to Capterra, discover, compare and choose the best Business apps.
  • NoteShred – send private information online. Get a password protected note and be notified once it’s been read.
  • Hello Fax – free online faxing. Paid accounts available for multiple faxes.
  • Docracy – Free library of legal documents used and uploaded by people.

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