How to add the google analytics tracking code on the Avada Theme

There are numerous ways to add the google tracking code using the Avada theme, although it either requires some PHP knowledge or a plugin (which we are trying to avoid due to google’s standards). Below are the steps you need to take to find the tracking and code and put it on your website using the Avada Theme.


1.Get the tracking code from google analytics and put it on a text editor of your choice (notepad, documents, etc.)

[fusion_accordion divider_line=”yes” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility”][fusion_toggle title=”Get the code on your Google Analytics Dashboard” open=”no” ]

Go to[fusion_highlight color=”#607d8b” rounded=”yes” class=”” id=””] Admin[/fusion_highlight] .

Choose the respective account and property

Under property, click on [fusion_highlight color=”#607d8b” rounded=”yes” class=”” id=””]tracking info> [fusion_highlight color=”#607d8b” rounded=”yes” class=”” id=””]Tracking Code.[/fusion_highlight]


then, add it to your website.

2.Paste the code on the [fusion_highlight color=”#607d8b” rounded=”yes” class=”” id=””]tracking code [/fusion_highlight]portion within the Avada [fusion_highlight color=”#607d8b” rounded=”yes” class=”” id=””]Theme Options [/fusion_highlight]Portion.

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Go to the backend of your website > [fusion_highlight color=”#607d8b” rounded=”yes” class=”” id=””]Avada [/fusion_highlight]> [fusion_highlight color=”#607d8b” rounded=”yes” class=”” id=””]Theme Options [/fusion_highlight]> [fusion_highlight color=”#607d8b” rounded=”yes” class=”” id=””]Advanced [/fusion_highlight]> [fusion_highlight color=”#607d8b” rounded=”yes” class=”” id=””]Code Fields.[/fusion_highlight]

Paste your tracking code on the Tracking Code Portion or the Space before </head> portion.


3. Click Save.

You will see a top bar that says, “Settings have been changed, you should save them!”.

4. Checking

How do you know if you installed the tracking code correctly?

You can either wait and see if you get traffic tomorrow, or you can use this tool. 

Be sure to backup your site!


How to add a user with admin rights on Google Analytics

If you have someone analyzing data for your site, it is a good idea to give them editing, collaborating, and reading access to save you the trouble of having to export the information yourself. A user with admin rights will have access to enabling services such as looking at the geographic information of users and also having the ability to export or download a pdf file derived from the data. Below are steps on how to add a user with admin rights to your account.

1)Log into Google Analytics.

2)Go to Admin > Account (wherever it is located)

3)Go to User Management

Google analytics add user

4)Add the email of the user and check the 3 boxes.

Google analytics add user


It is a good idea to send this user an email stating that you gave them access. Google Analytics will attach a link to the email which will make it easier for them and the system to know that they have accepted the invitation.